About Rangarsons

History fades into fable; facts become clouded with doubt and controversy; the inscription molders from the tablet; the statue falls from the pedestal. Columns, arches, pyramid, what are they but heaps of sand; and their epitaphs, but characters written in dust? - Washington Irving

When history stands to be resurrected through period pieces, when the audience is gently transported to another era altogether during the course, when the same audience enthrall in the sheer brilliance of period films and the spectacle enchants their imagination; That is the time when we at Rangarsons pat ourselves for a job well done. Established in 1945 as a supplier of all military ceremonial uniforms and accoutrements. It was under the patronage of Mr Paramjeet Singh that ‘Gandhi’ cemented the beginning of Rangrasons as a sourcing company for period films. Today with the earnest efforts of his son Manjot Rana, Rangarsons has come to be renowned worldwide as a one stop shop for fabric, furniture and ornamental needs of set decorators and Costume designers. Based out of New Delhi, Capital of India; Rangarsons is not just another family business, its indeed a family legacy which comes with a duty towards quality and an eye for perfection in the smallest of details.

With the revival of interest in the Raj era Rangarsons has continuously supplied uniforms and dress regalia to prestigious films such as Gandhi, Jewel of the crown, The fat Pavilion. We not only work towards intensive quality control but also assist in timely shipping throughout the world. Adherence to time limits has been one of our focus areas of work, We maintain the same perfection in delivery schedules, as we impart to the quality of products. We share our client’s passion and consistently deliver excellence in all the projects. In addition to this Rangarsons oversees the satisfaction of competitive pricing and value for money to every customer, including expert advice and prompt after sales services for every individual requirement.

We nurture great relations in the process of working together and deliver unprecedented value to our customers